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Rooftop solar panel installations have soared in popularity across the world since the technology was used in the first residential home in 1973. Since then, solar power has been used to fly airplanes, power houses and businesses across the globe, and even power the White House through a presidential term.

So why are solar panels becoming so popular? Well, it depends on which person you ask. There are so many benefits to solar technology that it attracts different users for a multitude of reasons.

Some may say they are hooked on solar power because of the money they save using it. Others are excited to be leaving less of a carbon footprint and helping the environment. Still others prefer to consider solar panels as an investment in their home or business.

egardless of the reasons, the fact is that solar panel technology has come a long way and the benefits are being increasingly realized around the globe.

If you are considering making the move to solar panels in your Phoenix, Arizona home, here are some things you should know about this innovative technology.

Solar power is commonly used in homes through the use of solar roofing panels. These are photovoltaic, or PV, cells, which means that they are simply a type of battery that is created to gather sunlight and transform it into energy. These cells are designed specifically to integrate with your roof and look like regular asphalt shingles.

Because of the improvements in technology, solar roof panels are becoming quite popular as a feasible alternative to ongoing monthly energy bills. They are functional, protect the roof itself, and are weatherproof, so economically-minded people often turn to them as a replacement for missing shingles, renovations, and full roof replacements instead of the traditional roofing options.

There are multiple types of solar powered systems that can be installed in your home, depending on the amount of energy you generally use. Choosing the right system is important so your daily energy needs are met.

It is a compound effect that you will feel for years to come and this is a benefit that initially attracts customers to the idea of solar panels. Paying a utility company for your electricity can become a cumbersome, costly expense given the way electricity rates tend to rise annually, and there is no cap in sight.

Doing the math, a basic $100 power bill in Phoenix – which is much less than most people pay – averages out to a ten-year shelling of $12,000 out of your pocket for your energy, and this is increased exponentially depending on your usage and your electricity rates. Solar panel installations remove your need for dependence on the utility company for your power and thus remove that staggering bill.

The reason the financial benefits are so impressive is that once you begin using solar panels, you can still use electricity as a back-up if you choose, but your solar panel system will produce the energy to power the majority of your home. If you need more than your system provides, the rollover falls to the electric company or you can increase your solar productivity. This means the only real costs that you have are the ones related to the installation and the ones you choose to have by consuming extra energy.

Most solar panel technology will last for 25 years or more, so your return on investment once your initial costs are covered will continue to pay for itself. Your electricity costs are fixed and limited, so your finances can remain more stable and you are able to plan for your future with the added cushion that would have once gone to your utility company.

To add even further incentive for homeowners and businesses to go solar, many states even offer financial help in the form of rebates and tax exemptions. Arizona, for instance, is consistently one of the top ten states in the country to use solar power due to the federal solar tax credits and state incentive programs.

Solar savings in the form of residential solar energy credits, sales tax exemptions, property tax exemptions, the federal solar tax credit, and other programs make solar panel installation affordable for just about any budget.

Arizona residents that choose to install solar panels get a state tax credit of 25% of their total system cost with a cap of $1,000 towards their state income taxes. There is also a 30% federal solar tax credit without a cap. Rebates and incentives are always changing, though. For more up-to-date programs that you may qualify for, click here or call us at Phoenix Solar Pros to see what current rebates may be available for you.

Choosing solar panel installation as an improvement or renovation on your home in Phoenix will easily increase your property value. Solar power and other forms of renewable energy have increased over the past decades and the United States government understands the importance of having these forms of energy installed and used as a benefit to everyone.

In fact, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has a regularly updated guide that can help you see how much your property value will go up, depending on different factors. The general rule of thumb is that the more kW of solar panels you install, the higher your property value.

These rates will continue to increase as electricity prices continue to climb and the importance of renewable energy is even more widely accepted.

Contractors who build homes in states like Arizona regularly choose to install solar panels as part of their base packages because they know that, in addition to adding to the property value, homes with these installations generally sell up to 20% faster than comparable houses without solar power.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does our dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. Since fossil fuels are our go-to energy source in many places, those areas emit harmful gasses like carbon dioxide and methane, polluting the air and contributing to global warming and overall environmental decline.

Fossil fuels are a finite resource, and to use them they have to be burned. The heating of these fuels releases carbon that plays havoc on health problems, as well. Air pollution is known to cause problems like respiratory diseases, cancer, heart attacks, and other serious health effects.

Electricity produced from solar panels is considered “clean power,” meaning there are no greenhouse gases produced and no negative effect on the environment or your health. Air pollution can actually be combatted by solar panel use, since the more solar power is used, the less reliance on fossil fuels is necessary, meaning less greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar power also has a significant effect in reducing water pollution. Manufacturing plants that use fossil fuels to produce energy rely at least in part on water to perform their operations. In some cases, like the bigger cities, this becomes a drain on water as a resource, but it also results in pollution of the water sources used.

Instead, solar panels are completely water-free. They don’t need water to cool their machines as other energy producing factories do, and they have no negative effect on the water sources.

Turning to renewable energy, like solar panels, helps us reduce our reliance on finite resources that can take hundreds of thousands of years to regenerate. The sun itself produces enough energy to power the world over 10,000 times, and it is renewed daily.

Using electricity impacts more than just our pockets – solar energy helps wildlife, as well. Carbon and other pollutants are constantly emitted into the air through the burning of fossil fuels. Through this constant release of toxic gasses, climate change has been slowly and gradually, but steadily, threatening animal habitats.

Research has shown that climate change has created the threat of the extinction of one-third of all wildlife species through the eradication of their habitats and decreased ability to access the food and water that was once readily available through the natural food cycle. Many species are unable to adapt to the constant climate change.

Fossil fuels have also played a huge role in destroying habitats through water and air pollution. Oil leaks, water pollution, and other man-made events have poisoned fish and wildlife and threatened many species.

The threat to wildlife from subsidized fossil fuels is so great that there are federal financial incentives that have been created just to entice more people to turn to solar energy.  The Environmental Protection Agency is actively searching out solutions to decrease carbon pollution and turn more people to clean energy through renewable resources like solar panels.

Every home or business that uses solar power makes an impact on the environment, so many people are turning to this type of energy to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure that future generations have access to the Earth.

Between the financial savings and environmental benefits, there is no better investment than that of the addition of a solar panel installation to your home. The right installation by knowledgeable experts like those of us at Phoenix Solar Pros can save you money, increase your property value, and help you make an impact on the environment that will last for generations.

When you are ready to make the switch to solar panels for your energy needs, call Phoenix Solar Pros for your transition. We will guide you along every step of the process and answer any questions you may have about your new solar energy lifestyle.



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